I am a forty-five year adoptee who is a wife and mother to six children.  I had three children with my first husband and he passed away at the age of 35. I was blessed and remarried an old friend. He had never married nor had children and we had three more. I have three girls and three boys.  I am a stay at home mom and love it.  My husband is grateful I stay home, too, although I think he would like it if I were a better housekeeper.  I was blessed with the best parents in the world, who regretfully have already left this world leaving a huge hole in my heart.  I have met and had a relationship with my birth mother for a few years.  Things fell apart when my mom got sick and then a few months later passed away.  It’s been very hard to put things in perspective.  There were many hurtful things that she did directly to me that I have trouble reconciling.  I know she feels I hurt her.  She thinks I am a bad person and I reserve my opinion of her.  The purpose of this blog is to sort through what transpired and let it go.  I think in all actuality we are both probably very good people, it is just the circumstances of our relationship and the dynamics of it that left us both very hurt and not really able to see the other for the true persons we are.


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