Adoption, where do I begin?

In Adoption on May 23, 2011 by Carolyn

I am adopted.  Have always known I was adopted and am very grateful to have been adopted.  I have been blessed with meeting my birthmother. We had a relationship for a couple of years and then it fell apart.  I have written a journal on an adoption site, which she had found and read and she also started a journal.  This is how we came to know one another.  Knowing that she would read what I wrote, I was very guarded in what I wrote, and things would be taken out of context.  This blog, I believe, will be about the pain and misunderstanding of our fall out. It is meant for me to sort through it all and have some closure. Knowing now that she is not reading this and that it is for myself, I can be far more honest, both about her and myself.  I hope this is cathatic, well see.



5 Responses to “Adoption, where do I begin?”

  1. how old were you when you met your birthmother?
    how did you meet her?

    • Hi! I met my birthmother when I was 39, almost 40. We wrote back and forth through a adoption website in journal and then e-mail. We met in person when she came back to town, as she has family where I live.

  2. What was it like?

  3. It was actually wonderful at the beginning. And even though things fell apart, I do not regret for one moment that I found her, that we met. I found out things I always wondered about. I had answers to questions and clarifications on other things. I think that where we are coming from, the pain involved, we are both not the people the other thinks we are. I’m sure those who love her and are her friends do not see the person I see, as the person she sees is not what my family and friends see. It is the situation itself. I still hurt terribly but its okay.

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